I am Adrien. People call me finch.

I have a resume.


How I got here

My descent into the tech world began in earnest in 2004, when I enrolled in high school courses in networking. I got my CCNA a year and a half later and began doing contract network configurations for small banks and IT shops. Contract network configuration grew into a part time sysadmin gig for Windows machines, and before I knew it I had become a sysadmin.

Being a poor high school student with only a part time job, I built out my first server and started using open source software to provide services. At one point I realized that I was running a Windows server running MySQL, Snort, PHP, and OpenVPN, and perhaps I was doing it entirely wrong.

I started into Linux via Slackware, and my entrance into college in 2006 exposed me to Fedora and Ubuntu. Windows was all that I had known until then, and working with Linux was like coming home. Ever since I’ve been an open source enthusiast.

The next 6 years were an intermixing of independent contracting, college internships, research programs, and a lot of personal hacking on the side. I’ve bounced across the country, doing research, network security, development, and systems administration. Eventually I struck out on my own to see what this ‘real world’ business is all about.

I started at Puppet Labs interning in Operations, and wound up getting hired as a full time Operations engineer. I focused on automation and reliable infrastructure so that it’s self maintaining while I do more interesting things.

Since opsdev is all the rage these days I transferred into Engineering at Puppet Labs. I started on the open source platform team and was dedicated to work with the community to get their pull requests merged. I was part of that very same community and it was an honor to be able to help get contributions merged.

I am currently working on the platform team proper and I balance my time between working community contributions and developing my own changes to the platform projects. It’s great to be able to help make real, substantial changes to those codebases while still working with the community and their contributions as well.

On the off hours I wander around on a motorcycle, I’m addicted to argentine tango, and when nobody’s looking I pretend I’m a photographer.